What is

This is a fork of lolisafe.
GitHub repository of the fork is located here.

Are there any banned categories?

Banned categories are the following, but not limited to:
Child pornography.
Virus/malware, or anything Google Safe Search would categorize as unwanted software *.
Copyrighted content. Meaning I will respond to copyright takedown notices,.. if any.
Full-length episodes of cartoons, TV shows or movies of any kind. Japanese, Chinese, Antarcticaness, I don't care.
CD drama audio files. I only know of Japanese shows that have these, but regardless of nationality.

Any of such uploads, when found, will be purged immediately without any prior notice.
Repeat offenders will have their IPs permanently blocked from accessing website and sub-domains.
For child pornography specifically, first offenders will immediately be blocked permanently.

* When Google Safe Search detects unwanted software, Chrome's users will be alerted that anything they download from website and sub-domains are unsafe.

Will you keep my uploads forever?

Unless the uploads are included within the banned categories above, or some other bullshit, I will.
In case I have to take down any uploads, I will log their names and explanations in here.

Otherwise, we also have temporary uploads feature, with which you can have your uploads be automatically deleted after a period of time.
It is disabled by default, but you can configure it through our homepage uploader's Config tab.

How can I keep track of my uploads?

Simply create a user on the site and every uploads will be associated with your account, granting you access to your uploads through our Dashboard.
You will have to do this if you ever want to delete your own uploads in the future, unless you choose to use the temporary uploads feature.

What are albums?

Albums are a simple way of sorting/categorizing uploads together.
You can share public links to these albums, allowing everyone else to view pretty listings of the uploads in them.
Albums can also be downloaded as ZIP-archives.
Both of these features can be toggled per-album basis from the Dashboard.

Why should I use this?

I don't know.

I saw something too illegal for my tastes here, what should I do?

Send a strongly worded email to [email protected] and I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.
These include copyright takedown notices and reports about uploads violating banned categories.

How can I support

Thanks! You can become a patron on my Patreon!


What are the allowed extensions here?

We support any file extensions, except the following:
.bash_profile .bash .bashrc .bat .bsh .cmd .com .csh .exe .exec .msi .nt .profile .ps1 .psm1 .scr .sh

Why are my .htm/.html uploads being served as plain text?

There had been too many phishing pages being uploaded in the past.

Where is the server located?

Paris, France.

I cannot access this website with Tor and/or VPNs!?

My server is actively refreshing and blacklisting Tor exit nodes.
There have been too many child pornography uploaders using Tor, that they simply didn't care about individual IPs being banned.
Sometimes I might also end up blacklisting IP ranges that were known to come from VPNs, if there had been attempts with multiple of those IPs.
Nothing much I can do about it. We live in a society.

Are there any Desktop clients?

We do have some browser extensions:
Firefox extension. Maintained by me. Its GitHub repository is located here.
Chrome extension. Maintained by lolisafe's team. Its GitHub repository is located here.
With the Chrome extension specifically, you will have to manually set the domain in the extension's settings to

If you use Windows desktop, the safe support uploads from ShareX.
You can download the config file by clicking on the ShareX icon on the homepage.
When logged in, the config file will also be automatically populated with your account's token.
This will allow you to manage your ShareX uploads from our Dashboard.

If you use Linux desktop, there is a compatible bash uploader which I also maintain.
You can learn more about it from its GitHub repository.

Do you have a No-JS uploader form?

I found a bug! -or- I want to request a feature!

Feel free to create a GitHub issue here.
If you do not have a GitHub account, you can also email [email protected].

How do I delete my own account and all the uploads associated with it?

For now, you will also have to contact me through my email above.
A feature to delete your own account by yourself is still work in progress.
Otherwise, if you do not mind a record of your username being left here, it should be easy to bulk delete all your uploads from the Dashboard anyway.


What information is kept with uploads?

The uploader's IP address.

What information is kept with users?

Technically, none.
After all, not even an email address is required to register an account.
Anything will do as your usernames, and passwords are also encrypted.
If a registered user has not uploaded anything even once, then I will not even be able to associate it to any specific IP address.

Why do you need to keep my IP address?

Security purposes.
For instance, if it is necessary to purge uploads from a specific IP address due to abuse, it will help a lot to be able to find all uploads by that specific uploader.
My safe have been plagued by aplenty of abuse, so this policy will remain as long as the safe lives on.

Does the server have some sort of access logs?

The logs contain each visitor's IP address.
This is required by our automated system, that checks logs in real time to detect and punish abuse, such as DDoS attempts, scanners, and so on.
Logs are rotated daily, and the server will only keep the last 10 logs.
So you can be reassured that the logs will only be kept for 10 days at most.

I still have more unanswered questions!